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There are different types of cleaning businesses available to entrepreneurs. However, our focus on the site is small business so we will go over the basics on how to start a home cleaning business.

Residential cleaning is one of the easiest business to get started into. The initial investment is very low and the necessary skills can be easily acquired. And while it is critical to meet customer expectations when it comes to cleaning their homes, the most important part of this business is not so much performing the service itself but finding customers to grow your business. To get started in this business one should do the following.

  • Research other cleaning services in the area. Talk to potential customers to find out pricing, issues, how you can improve on the service.
  • Buy all the necessary tools and cleaning supplies and become acquainted them. Practice cleaning your own home.
  • Get a business license and insurance
  • Print professional looking flyers and business cards. Use google adwords to target the area you want to work in.
  • Go out to businesses and in local neighborhoods to introduce yourself and the services you offer. Finding customers is a number's game, the more people you talk to the more future clients you will have
  • Get an answering service or have a number exclusively for your business.
  • Build a database of your customers and follow up with them every few weeks to offer them services. Use email or phone to ask for business.

The preceding steps are all it takes to get started in this business. And as the business grows, one can hire help to service more accounts and in turn grow your revenue and profits. Also, one can expand into commercial cleaning services where it becomes more lucrative.


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