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One of the easiest businesses to start is a house cleaning service. It requires very little capital, basic cleaning skills, and there is a constant demand for this service. One can start cleaning private residences and then expand the service to retail stores and offices, thus the potential for expansion make this business attractive as well. Also, finding labor for this business is relative easier relative to most businesses.

This business does especially well in urban areas with high concentration of professionals or areas where all adults in the household work. As time becomes scarce, people choose cleaning services to do the necessary household chores, making home cleaning a thriving business.

A house cleaning business usually offers the following services

  • vacuuming
  • kitchen cleaning
  • window cleaning
  • blinds cleaning
  • bathroom cleaning
  • floor cleaning, which might include mopping and sweeping floors
  • dusting
Cleaning services usually charge a flat fee per visit and in many cases there is a recurring cleaning schedule. Therefore, a cleaning business that accumulates satisfied recurring customers can easily become highly profitable and expand its business.


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