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The cleaning business is a labor intensive business with relatively low inventory or tools. Therefore, when considering buying a business in this industry the primary factor are going to be the clientele base and current costs of operation. The following are some of the key considerations:
  • How many recurring customers does the business service? what is their level of satisfaction?
  • How does the current operation obtain new customers? what are the costs involved?
  • What are the profits for the business. Will change of ownership affect the bottom line in any negative way?
  • Ask for financial statements to verify income
  • Are employees staying with the business?
  • Is the business properly insured?
  • Is the business free and clear of any outstanding debts or obligations?
  • Is the business has an office, find out detailed information on the lease. How long is the lease for and what are the terms.

Once the preceding factors are taken into consideration, one should draft the legal documents for the sale of the business with the help of an attorney that specializes in business law. And obviously, make sure to have a non-compete agreement for as long as possible.


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